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You say that there is God. Then, how can you worry even when you face a small difficulty? It means that the foundation is loose and you cannot build anything upon it. Faith in God and worry cannot co-exist! “Right now I am with God. There is no question of his coming and saving me day after tomorrow”. Such should be one's faith. A person who has such a faith, does not suffer from a suspense - filled future.
सर्वे सुजना: सुखिनो भवंतु - सर्वे जना: सुजना भवंतु

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We owe our inspiration and endeavors to Satguru Dr. K. Sivananda Murty ji, a great exponent of Sanatana Dharma in modern times
who evoked in us an urge to serve the society and contribute to the nation in our own humble way

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