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Guru's Tapas is never spent on himself. The greatest sacrifice in this world is not parting with wealth but it is the sacrifice of Tapas. It is a very hard earned wealth the technique of which is not known to common mortals. He is endowed with the capability of earning merit. Therefore, that Tapas is invaluable. The Guru is able to spend that Tapas without expectations of gratitude.
सर्वे सुजना: सुखिनो भवंतु - सर्वे जना: सुजना भवंतु

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We owe our inspiration and endeavors to Satguru Dr. K. Sivananda Murty ji, a great exponent of Sanatana Dharma in modern times
who evoked in us an urge to serve the society and contribute to the nation in our own humble way

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